Hygiene and Makeup

We know that you love to wear makeup and apply it on others, so why not keep your skills up-to-date? Makeup indeed boosts confidence. It gives a flawless look. However, regardless of how skilled you are at being a makeup artist, a certified makeup artist should always keep some minor nuances in mind while doing […]

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Nail Technician: Scope and Future

Nail Technicians are in high demand, and for good reason – their skills are essential for the upkeep of both personal and professional appearances. People are often unaware that the skills they possess are unrelated to the profession they are pursuing. As a result, they loathe working! But don’t be the same person; make money […]

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Hair tattooing. All you need to know

Hair tattooing is a new and emerging trend that is gaining popularity among people who are looking for a way to personalize their looks. But this process is a needle free & painless trend. This type of tattooing isn’t done by using a tattoo machine but with trimmers, scissors and razors. It has a variety […]

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Newly popular eye make-up trends

It’s often said that doing something less properly, is better than doing a lot. The same goes for makeup. You need to apply makeup, not to conceal anything, but to enhance your facial features. When you wear eye makeup, it’s necessary to choose a colour that goes with your skin tone. According to professional eye […]

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Master the Key Skills in Cosmetology

Those with a passion for fashion, hair, and skin care may choose to consider cosmetology as a profession. You may be just what the field of cosmetology treatment is looking for if you have a knack for self-care and excellent interpersonal skills. There are a number of requirements one must meet before entering the field […]

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Strong & invincible monsoon set hair

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby, but don’t let your hair compromise this rain. Hair is alluring and the most delicate part of the human body. Monsoon hair expert management & care tips can be a drag, but […]

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health-and-wellness:Health and Wellness

Make a healthy career in nutrition

Several scientific studies indicate that the food we eat has a significant impact on our health. Changing one’s diet may aid in the prevention or management of several health conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and some cancer and heart disease risk factors. Dietitians with a diploma in nutrition and dietetics aid people in enhancing their health […]

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Hair Color

Let your hair be your finest feature

Hairstyles play a principal role in illumining your personality; according to some studies, a hairstyle is the foremost metier people notice about your look. It unveils a lot about your personality. You must also be wondering why certain people call you shy, athletic, or funny? It’s because your hairstyle gave them a distinct guise of […]

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Ultimate Guide To Eyelash & Brow Tinting

What’s up with this mascara?Moisture, tears, or even rain may cause mascara to run,Pandas are cute and fun,But it doesn’t mean that we want to look like one!Do we? Ladies! What if we tell you that you can get your Lash and brows “on fleek” without wasting so many minutes every morning? Yes! We’re talking […]

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Nutrition and Dietetics

Be a professional in the field of dietetics & nutrition

We all can not survive by resisting tempting food, but ingesting unhealthy & fast food can plunge your health towards the menace of some profound health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and many others. So a proper diet can prove to be a best friend for your body to lead a healthy lifestyle ahead. […]

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