Rope Jumping

#TomboyChronicles : Get your POUT right, like a filmstar!

Priyanka Chopra, Rihaana, Kylie Jenner and the one with the original, Angelina Jolie! All of them have it in common, a POUT to be envious of! No, one doesn’t have to retract to botox and serum injections to get a pout of her own! There are other means of getting fuller lips, without any extra […]

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nail arts

#TomboyChronicles : Color em right..! #NailCare #NailArt

Yep, the nails are one separate topic in beauty with many blogs dedicated them. How to care for them or how to color them right or so on.. the list is long! For experts, enroll for the dedicated Nail courses at Orane for indepth knowledge of the subject. Rest, the amateurs like me, checkout these […]

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COVID Threat

CLIENTS’ BEWARE : Do(s) & Don’t(s) for next Salon Visit During COVID Threat

The Corona Virus has turned the entire world upside down, every human contact is being refrained from, social distancing is the most trending keyword now a days. However, self-grooming is almost as important as fooding and staying healthy is. As a responsible player of Beauty and Wellness industry, Orane is sharing the following mentioned points […]

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Salon Operations

OWNERS’ BEWARE : Do(s) & Don’t(s) for Salon Operations During COVID Threat

As a responsible Salon Owner, we have to live up to the pledge of serving the citizens especially during these testing COVID infestation times. In the pursuit of working up solutions with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Orane is sharing the following Do(s) and Don’t(s) meant for safer salon operations as a giver […]

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Black Magic

#TomboyChronicles : Black Magic for Adding an OOMPH! #DIYs

Goner are the days when “love used to be in the air!” Now a days, pandemic is in the air! Governments have locked down the citizens and people are fearful and keeping away from the Salon services. Until the big brains at Orane come up with tricks and tips on avoiding contamination while availing salon […]

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Beauty Tools

5 Must Have Beauty Tools in Your Makeup Vanity

You watch thousands of makeup tutorials by hundreds of beauty experts and then try your best to master the art of applying makeup. Yet most of the times, no matter how hard you try, your eye shadow doesn’t come out to be as flawless as you see is done in the pictures of gorgeous models […]

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Hair Styles

5 Hair Styling Tools you must have for great Hair Styles

Whether you want to give your hair a straight flat-ironed look or you want to give it beautiful beach waves or curls, you will get a perfect hair tool for every style you can think of. There are a lot many tools to do the job however, following five styling tools are simply must to […]

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Beauty Industry

Career Choices in Beauty Industry to go for in 2020

Beauty industry is an ever-growing industry and probably one of those industries that deals in essentials for humans, apart from food, clothes and shelter. A crisis as big as a pandemic may keep this industry shut for few days but it will never see a decline in growth. Grooming has been a basic need of […]

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Customer handling tips

#TomboyChronicles : Customer Handling Tips.. the banana or pesky ones!

Yes, the beauty industry is just as magical and mystical as it is complex thanks to the diverse clientele portfolio being served. The salon seek to hire beauty professional not only boasting of a long list of formal qualifications but also ones with 360 degree appeasing personalities (who come adept with handling all kinds of […]

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Social Media

TomboyChronicles : Hashtag it Right on Social Media!

With the onset of digital age, it has become easier to reach out to your clients. As a freelancer providing beauty services or a salon owner, the social media can enable you to draw and engage your potential as well as current clients, increase your brand loyalty as well as promote your services. 1) The […]

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