Hair Extensions

Hairstyles for 2022 that you must try!

You can’t always be on top of your game, but a nice hairstyle can change the whole game. People enjoy being complimented on their appearance and for this, they also put a lot of effort. So why not try some hairstylist courses and get trained at the best beauty institute to carry a unique style […]

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Flaunt your trendy nails to heat up this summer

Your Life maybe not be perfect, but your nails can be. Do you have any idea how to make this happen? Leave this to us! Get ready to kick off the summer with shiny nails adorned with the magical new trends created by fusing your favourite designs for this season’s flawless look, don’t wait anymore! […]

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Bake your face the right way

There’s no refuting that makeup is a form of artistic manifestation, wearing makeup is a daily prospect to create a work of art. You may already know all about the wonders of contouring and highlighters, but baking makeup is another skill of self-grooming you need to master. Baking after your makeup helps you maintain a […]

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How Hairstyling Can Be a Great Career in 2022

Want to look trendy, bold, elegant, or classic? With just a few snips and cuts, a professional hairstylist can change your appearance completely. He can make you look gorgeous, stylish, chic, or a timeless beauty in no time, enhancing your personality and confidence manifold. The result? Just a swish of that mane of yours and […]

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Professional Makeup Kit


Ultimate Guide To Build A Professional Makeup Kit

Are you an aspiring makeup artist learning makeup artist course or new to the cosmetology school? There is no secret that the basic thing we do require is a Professional Makeup Kit. It might be a simple thing to build your collection but can be a challenging task for someone. Want to learn more about […]

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Nutrition and Dietetics

Key Steps to Become a Nutritionist or Dietician

  In today’s fast paced world, we need to be in the pink of health to face all challenges and come out as winners. After all, you are what you eat! This is where a nutritionist or dietician steps in. They help people make the right food choices for a healthier lifestyle, create customised meal […]

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travel skin care

Skincare Tips

7 Travel Skin Care Tips: Your on the Go Guide

When you are travelling, your skincare routine often becomes a road that is less taken. Always on your toes, you are baffled and amazed by the constant change of experience, that even thinking about your skin becomes secondary to you. Being carefree and a free bird is all cool until it shows on your skin […]

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makeup artist course

Makeup Artist

Career as a Makeup Artist in India: Scope, Qualification & Salary

Beauty makes the world go round! No wonder it is a booming industry, creating millions of jobs as a makeup artist with lucrative salaries. But take heed folks, the business of beauty is serious. Everyone wants to look beautiful, glamorous, and trendy, but it requires continuous efforts, maintenance, and pampering. For this, they turn to […]

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wedding day hairstyles

How To Style Your Hair On Your Wedding Day?

Traditional Indian brides like to wear brightly-coloured attires on their wedding day with a heavily embroidered veil called a dupatta draped over their heads and shoulders. In the past, the accessories were symbolic of modesty and wisdom, but modern brides are more interested in new twists of the traditional style. Simple and sophisticated wedding hair […]

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hairstyles for winter

Quick Hairstyles for Winter Outings!

Although cold temperatures can be harsh on our hair, there is no need to hide it under beanies and scarves. Some of the best options in hairstyles for winter include – High ponytails with a retro twist, pixie cuts, buns, and other styles that can add a glam factor to your overall personality. Here are […]

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