LEVEL TYPE: ODQ80– Level 2

Price without GST: 15,000

GST: 2,700

Price with GST: 17,700

Course Content:

1. Anatomy of Skin, Hair and Nails
2. Nutrition Science
3. Food Pyramid
4. Balanced diet
5. Skin Diseases and disorders
6. Nutrition for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
7. Ayurvedic Foods

Minimum Qualification:


Career Opportunities:

Empowering beauty students lifestyle coach for home remedial diet counselling for enhancing inner beauty

Best Suited For:

Students pursuing a career in Hair/Makeup/Skin/Nutrition

Course Details:

Orane International School of Hair, Skin & Makeup offers a Certificate Course of Nutrition in Cosmetology to start your career as a nutritionist

Things You Will Learn!
  • This course empowers the candidates with the necessary knowledge to learn about the Anatomy of Skin, Hair and Nails in detail. It involves a holistic approach to healthy and glowing skin
  • The course fee is 15000/ + GST inaugural discount of 10% (Open for November’21)
  • Become a world-class expert in applied skin nutrition, beauty foods and anti-ageing diet protocols by gaining a Certificate Course of Nutrition in Cosmetology
  • The course contains numerous units to tell you about Nutrition Science, Food Pyramid, Balanced diet, Skin Diseases and disorders etc
  • The timeline of the course is 30 Hours
  • To know more about the course, just drop your query

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