Certificate In Eye Lash And Eye Brow Tinting

COURSE DURATION:7 days / maximum 105 hours

LEVEL TYPE: OCQ26 – Level 2

Course Content:

1. Health and Safety Guidelines
2. Eye lash and Eye Brow Tinting Training
3. Knowledge of Precautions/Contradictions
4. First Aid

Minimum Qualification:

Class 12th passed and above

Course Details:

Be a semi-permanent eye-makeup expert with Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Certification training at
your nearest Orane Beauty Institute. A short-term yet professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting
certification course is meant to train students with the advanced techniques of eyelash and brow
tinting. By gaining hands-on experience and practical know-how in eyelash tinting and eyebrow
tinting procedure you can become an expert in a period of merely 7 days.

What Is Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyelash & eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent makeup procedure to darken and deepen the color of lashes and brows using semi-permanent or permanent dyes. For people having blonde or light colored brows or lashes, eyelash and eyebrow tinting is the best solution as it brings a magical change on the face, that sustains for weeks or months. The basic role of eyelash and eyebrow tinting treatments is to enhance the beauty of the eye area.

What Do You Learn In Eyelash And Eyebrow Tinting Certification Course?

The Certificate in Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting course at Orane Beauty Institute covers not only the eyelash and eyebrow tinting technical procedure, but also imparts the knowledge of essential safety measures, precautions and contradiction in these practices, that practitioners must follow to avoid any side effects post the treatment. All these treatments are in great demand these days, that means, a great opportunity to turn your knowledge in profitable business.

What Are The Career Opportunities For Certified Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Experts?

With a certificate in eyelash and eyebrow tinting training from a reputed institute, you can join skin clinics, derma clinics, and estheticians who offer these specialized procedures. You can also attract more clients and earn attractive revenue in your own beauty salon. In the modern time where people are quite concerned about their good looks, eyelash & eyebrow tinting treatments are quickly gaining popularity. Especially in the beauty and media industry, men and women love to undergo these semi-permanent eye enhancement solutions over usual eye makeup that includes mascara, brow-pencil etc. The face appearance with tinted brows and lashes gets enhanced with attractive definitions.

As a result of these treatments, people do not need to carry mascara and brow pencil in their bags. For the amazing feel of eyelash & eyebrow tinting, one can flaunt the dramatic lashes with attractive tinted brows. Talking about the celebrities, they have put a great contribution to the popularity of eye enhancement treatments.


Allumni Speak:



Dietician at Nitson. I have done a course in human nutrition and dietician from Orane Immediately after my course completion Orane organised a placement drives and I got placed along with many more other students. Presently I am working with Nitson Chandigarh as a dietician I am very happy and thankful to Orane to provide me such a bright career.

Harjeet Kaur

Jhandu Singha (Punjab)

I always aspired to earn name and fame in my life so I happened to join Orane. I did the relevant beauty course from Orane and thereafter with my expertise became a trainer at Orane. Today I am getting an annual package of Rs. 2.50 lacs. Orane really helped me to visualize my dreams into reality.



Despite of working for many years in Canada I was not earning sufficiently. When I came to Punjab I heard about Orane and did a course of Hair and Beauty with Orane. Now I can earn up to Rs. 40,000 in one day at Canada. I thank Orane for filling my life with new confidence and hope.

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