Special Plan for International Travellers

We understand that the risk of infection increasing many times when an incumbent does international travel. The Canadian Govt has announced penalty on non-adherence of “14 days quarantine plan” by punishing :

    • upto 6 months of jail time,
    • a fine of upto CAD 750,000 and
    • immediate detention and removal from the country’s ground.

The following quarantine plan shall be applicable to all students flying in from other countries to join the Orane International college :

    • Transport Airport to place of quarantine :
      1. For International Students, who have local relatives, they shall be escorted or shall have to hail private taxi to reach their place of quarantine.
      2. For International Students, who are dependent on the College only : they shall be transported from the airport to the Premise of the quarantine which shall be one of the hotels mentioned below. Fooding and Meals shall be managed by College Travel Incharge:
    1. Linda Vista Motel – 6498 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 4Z3
    2. Canadian Inn – 6528 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 4Z3
    3. Best Western – 8033 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3W 5B4, Canada
    • Person ground for follows and related queries on Covid is Mrs Marie Pinder (Chief of Education; mariepinder@orane.com)
    • Such students will have to submit their COVID medical test report conducted at their home country (done before the travel).
    • Thermal screen and checking for visible symptoms of COVID shall be done at the Airport itself.
    • Student shall have to a suitable mask covering their mouth and nose while in transit, unless they reach their allocated room at the college. They should refain from any physical contact with others such as hand shakes, etc
    • If the student shows any symptoms of Covid, we shall get a COVID Medical test done on them and maintain the database for reference in future or when asked for by Govt Authorities.
    • The student shall be observed for following mentioned tell-tale symptoms :
      • chills,
      • fatigue or weakness,
      • muscle or body aches,
      • new loss of smell or taste,
      • headache,
      • gastrointestinal symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting,
      • fever
    • Such student shall not be allowed to leave the premise unless to avail medical assistance
    • Such student shall not be allowed access to communal spaces inside the school or outside such as public restrooms, restaurants, hotels, classrooms, salon, lobby, religious places, etc
    • Such student shall have to adhere to maintaining the 2-metre distancing from every other person in the premise.


The campus will immediately communicate directly with the Public Health Office through the local Island Health Authority Office, with the outbreak advised both by telephone and confirmation email to the Medical Health Officers covering the Island area:

-Immediate intimation shall be sent to 8-1-1

-Requisition for Covid tests shall be placed at 1-833-737-9377.

-Only in case of emergency, pls notify Local law enforcement personnel at 911

– Interstate, international or mobile phone callers (+613) 9096 9000

– Special emails, Whatsapp and text intimations shall be broadcasted informing all students and staff by Chief of Education Mrs Marie Pinder

OIC intends to extend unconditional support its students on both educational as well as living in Canada. Our oncampus staff shall provide support and information related to COVID-19 and related Govt regulations.

    1. Every student shall receive a personal email from us briefing them about current Canadian situation
    2. Every student travelling from another country has to register on ArriveCAN app prior to departure from their home country. Students will be expected to use the ArriveCAN app for daily health screening.
    3. A declaration has to be submitted to our Canadian Student rep about understanding and accepting pre-arrival and post-arrival quarantine requirements, mentioned below:
      1. Pre-arrival Communication Procedures for all international students (and their co-arriving dependants) shall include:
    • Students shall have to submit following documents to the Office of Global Services (OGS) Canada:
      • A copy of their valid Study Permit OR a copy of the initial study permit approval issued before the relevant issue date
      • A copy of their valid Study Permit OR a copy of the initial study permit approval issued before the relevant date.
      • A copy of the purchased medical insurance for the 90-day waiting period. A copy of their self-isolation plan, including suitable accommodation information.
      • The flight information and the planned travel date.

d. OIC shall be liable to arrange for Uber transport for arriving international students and co-arriving family members directly to their quarantine locations. They shall be expected to wear non-medical masks and be advised on safety protocols to be observed during transport. They will have to proceed directly to their pre- determined quarantine location, without planned or unplanned stops.

e. OIC shall provide its students with recommended local individual quarantine options that meet the isolation plan requirements for single occupancy. They shall be provided with lists of food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery services.

f. Daily health and compliance checks shall be done by our on campus Staff Incharge Marie Pinder monitoring the health of students/and accompanying family during the 14-day period for COVID-19 symptoms

g. All courses, virtual events and community online resources are available to the students in quarantine, and they will be encouraged to participate. Reliable and updated information is available on the website.

h. All students are advised to download the BC Covid-19 phone application for information related to COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and health care information.

Visual and Databases for record keeping :

– poster displayed outside each lab about social distancing and instructions of wearing Masks compulsorily.

– pics of chairs labelled as VACANT with a Brown tape wrapped around in a classroom

– pics of sanitizers placed at the entrance, reception, student classrooms and labs, salon counters.

– pics of staff wearing masks

– attendance register where visitors details are recorded along with temperature measured

– Covid test reports of all international students (from before their travel from home country to 3 day after travel test report)