Top 5 Beauty Industry Trends of 2017

Everyone looks for the latest beauty trends to give their beauty regime a new season ‘Refresh’. Refresh can be a proper word to upgrade your previous beauty trend.

Just like always, we emphasize on the use of organic and natural skin care products to protect your beauty against skin-damaging harmful particles. This year, we have included all organic products in our make-up styles to more emphasize on natural products.

Cosmetic and personal care industry always thrives on new innovations and buzzwords. 2017 is a year to focus on overall beauty right from your hair, skin, nails and eyes.

Check out below, we have outlined the most popular top 5 beauty industry trends that are reigned supreme in 2017.

1. Charcoal Masks :  A most popular beauty trend since 2014. Presently, it is gaining more momentum as it dusts out the clog around our pores that may be caused throughout the day due to attack of unwanted toxins.

Activated charcoal has a very good property to pull out the dirt out of pores and giving you a fair complexion. Apparently, you can choose charcoal-based formulation for your face masks or skincare.

2. Microblading : Eyebrows are always one of the most look-out areas to magnify the beauty highlights on a face. Every woman wants a perfect eyebrow shape suited to their face-cut. Microblading is a growing fashion trend, also known as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, feather touch eyebrows, etc.

It is a form of permanent make-up that provides a partial or fully camouflages to missing eyebrows hairs. Its popularity is also increasing for getting a perfect and desired eyebrow shape.

3. Cut Crease Makeup: A very new technique and gaining lots of popularity because of giving a more beautiful appearance. Define the crease of your eyelids by “cutting” across it with a thick layer of contrasting eye shadow and little to no blending.


4. Chrome Nails: A new and most popular trend that increases the demands of nail technicians. An intense level of shine is something that you want in your nails to shine different in the crowd.


5. Ash Balayage Hair Colour: A new hair colour that adds colour with more natural styles is gaining a lot of popularity among the youth in this year. The trendy hair colour that spotted this year is rose gold, tiger eye and the latest one – ash balayage, which has really taken-of all shades.


Ash- Balayage gives you an appearance of dark roots with silver ends and ashy-bond colour in the middle.

These are the hottest beauty trends of 2017. Stay updated with us to know more about the latest fashion trends, make-up tips and tricks, and career opportunity in beauty industry.

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Get ready to look fantabulous with Orane.

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