Travel Guidelines


The following information is for all Orane International students travelling to British Columbia, Canada.
Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, the government of Canada and the BC government have mandatory travel restrictions in place. Government websites should be checked for current updates.

Requirements for Arrival into Canada:

Health checks conducted by airlines will be conducted prior to boarding aircraft. Anyone who shows Covid-19 symptoms will be prohibited from travel.

Health checks will be conducted upon entry to Canada at port of entry. Quarantine (self-isolation) plan for 14 days is mandatory even without symptoms.

Complete the *Support for Travellers Self Isolation Plan [Download PDF]

Please submit a copy of your quarantine plan to admissions contact at Orane International. Please also see BC Health government website for instructions on submitting your plan

Quarantine means you confirm that:
• you will go directly to your place of quarantine, without stopping anywhere for a 14 day period
• you will carry a thermometer to monitor your temperature for Covi-19 symptoms
• you will have your groceries, medications, and personal necessities delivered by someone
• you do not have visitors
• your outdoor access is limited to backyard or balcony

Arriving into Canada:
Mandatory compliance monitoring on quarantines may result in government officials contacting you by phone. Spot checks may also be conducted. Answering calls from 1-855-906-5585 or 613-221-3100 are required for verification by the government of your quarantine plan in action.

Covid-19 support can be accessed at 1-888- COVID19 for information regarding nonmedical issues. Service reps are available 7 days a week 7:30 am to 8 pm. Multiple languages are available.

Medical concerns before or after quarantine require a call to Health Link BC by dialling 811 to speak to a medical professional. if 811 does not work from your phone call 604-215-8110.

Quarantine Accommodation Arrangements Assistance
Please contact Orane International admissions, Victoria BC for help with planning your self-isolation, if needed.

Medical Insurance
New students are required to have medical insurance coverage covering leaving their home country to the end of your first semester. Let us know if we can help. More info is available on the BC Government website.

Please contact your admissions representative at Orane International for any questions regarding admissions and health travel information to our Victoria, BC Canada campus.

At Orane your health and safety is # 1 priority!